Jackpot Darts Hits Online Casinos

If you are looking for a new online casino game that features an interesting theme then Jackpot Darts will be of interest to you. The online casinos are constantly trying to find new ways to bring innovation to internet gambling. This new games is an example of creative thinking among casino software programmers. Darts has traditionally been a favorite among pub goers and so a new game based around darts has been release at Playtech casinos on the net.

This game is based on chance much like slots and you place bets on whether or not your darts will land on the board. First you place the bet then you shoot the darts. The dartboard itself has a single ring, a double ring, a treble ring, the outer bull and the bull's eye. Each section of the board and the different rings contain a number marked which is written on the outer edge of the dartboard. If a dart hits the section the number of points indicated is what the player scores. If you hit the double ring your points are doubled, if you hit the triple your points are and the bull's eye is worth 50 points. It's not your typical online casino game but the concept is interesting and worth a try.

This new online casino game is also available to play as a progressive jackpot bet which offer much higher payouts then playing in non-jackpot mode. For instance if you manage to place all three darts hit a bull's eye or outer bull, you win the Progressive Jackpot. Although there is no real control over the darts tossing the game is still fun and will appeal to pub fans that also enjoy online casino games.