Penny Slot Jackpot Pays

It seems that jackpot winners are popping up all over the globe. And most recently, a penny jackpot has made 53-year-old Nancy Harlan $500,000 richer! The California resident played a well-known grand jackpot machine at a local casino located in Loleta, California. Harlan, a retired truck driver was simply astonished at her win, saying she had prayed for a good income.

'I just kept thinking 'please let someone who really could use the money win the big jackpot',' Harlan said. 'Then I hit that baby! It will be a great Christmas present for my grandkids'. These penny progressive jackpot machines offer huge grand prize payouts, making them attractive to many slots fans. Although the money amount is small overall, the final jackpot can reach $1 million!

Slots machine jackpots have been making headlines and will continue to do so as long as there continue to be progressive jackpots. Slots machines are easy to play, fun to try and, oftentimes, fruitful. Although, as with all gambling, as well as online casino gambling, there is a risk involved in playing slot machines, the risk is more controlled as the bankroll sits physically in your hands, while you put coins into the machine. But, what one needs more than skill or strategy, is luck.