Land Based Casinos Versus Online Casinos

Land based casinos have been known for their opulence, glitz and glamour. Everything about these huge monoliths of cash is ostentatious, and larger than life. Each real casino is known by its size, the number of regulars and the odds offered besides other things.

Cut to the new age technology aided online casinos. These casinos do not require being lavish and opulent in their décor and size, but they do provide the same gaming facilities like their land based counterparts. Online casinos allow a person to use their gaming facilities from the comfort of their homes.

You do not need to travel all the way to Las Vegas and spend huge chunks of cash on getting a suite and initiating the gambling rituals at the casino. With online casinos allowing you the same stuff, you no longer need to dress up in your fancy clothes to play. You can play whenever you feel the urge to play in whatever clothes you are wearing, even if they are your pajamas.

Besides this you can avail some very good advantages when you use online casinos. These are not just worth your while but also profitable and you can make a lot of money. Did you ever hear or experience a traditional casino offering you money for free to play with? It’s highly unlikely. Yet online casinos are a completely different story! You get plenty of extras when you register with any of the online casinos in the form of casino bonuses. What’s important to understand is that every casino website has its own bonus rules. But you can definitely double or increase your money manifold when you gamble on online casinos. The bonuses ensure that you play more and longer with bonuses in your kitty.

Online casinos also offer odds which are much better than those offered by the land casinos in Las Vegas. Since the online casino overheads are extremely low compared to the traditional casinos, they have a relatively smaller payroll as well. Not to forget all the saving that online casinos make on electricity and air-conditioning!

All in all the online casinos have more variety and offer greater convenience than land based casinos!